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Q: How does an ALPHA course work?

A: An ALPHA session last for two hours and consist of a meal, a short talk, and a time to have honest conversation.

Most people are nervous so don't worry!

During the discussion you can ask any question that you want? Your table host will make sure you end on time.

Q: How long is an ALPHA course?

A: ALPHA usually last 11 weeks with a weekend away in the middle.

Q: How much does ALPHA cost?

A: ALPHA is free! However we do share in a full meal each week and will ask for voluntary donations to help offset the cost of food. There is a retreat towards the end of ALPHA and there is a cost per person. We never want money to be a reason that someone cannot go so if you need help we got you covered. 

Q: I am coming, but might not know anyone else, is that ok?

A: YES! ALPHA is all about connecting people. Many people coming to ALPHA may not no others. This is why we share a meal and have discussion to help build community. You will sit with the same group every week. Pretty soon you will know them all very well!

Q: Do I have to talk and share my thoughts?

A: NO. You are welcome to just come and listen if you wish.

Q: Can I just 'check it out' for the first week?

A:  YES! Just be sure to register so we know how much food to make.

Q: What if I come for a week or two and don't want to continue?

A: Anytime during ALPHA if you feel like it isnt for you, is no problem. No pressure, no follow up, & no charge.

Q: What if I miss the first week?

A: It's ok if you miss the first week of ALPHA, you can catch up online. Anyone can register up until the third week of ALPHA. After that we ask that you check back on the website and register for the next ALPHA.

Q: Is there childcare available?

A: Yes, we have free childcare available during all the ALPHA sessions. Reserve your spot when you register.