Weekly Music Selections

Here we will post the song lyrics and a sample so that you can familiarize yourself with the music. Keep in mind that we will not play the selection exactly like the recording. Some times we will post various artist’s renditions of who we are taking inspiration from and at other times we will record our own sample so that you can practice.


January 8, 2023 -  The Epiphany of the Lord

January 15, 2023 -  Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

 January 22, 2023 -  Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

January 29, 2023 -  Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time



Mass Setting for Christmas and Ordinary Time:

Mass of Renewal - Curtis Stephan
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C - Instruments

Kyrie      AUDIO
Glory to God      AUDIO
Gospel Acclamation      AUDIO
Holy      AUDIO
Memorial Acclamation      AUDIO 
Great Amen    AUDIO
Lamb of God      AUDIO


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