Our Saint Philip service opportunities are organized under a few different ministry categories. 

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Here are very general explanations of each category: 


Love to smile? Outgoing? Enjoy hosting guests? In hospitality we want to create a warm and friendly environment by serving people, greeting people and answering basic questions. 

Food & Social

To build community, you need food! If you enjoy cooking, serving, or creating opportunities for people to come together in community, this ministry is for you!

Altar Setup and Service

In order to make our church environment beautiful and stunning tons of behind the scenes work takes place. This is a great way to be behind the scenes as well as assisting during Mass. 

Facilities and Administrative Support

When it comes to being in the background this is an area that is often overlooked. This ministry is all about administrative projects which (requiring a varying degree of skill), building setup, teardown, and maintenance. If you enjoy hands on tasks, computer work, or helping to organize this is your niche. 

Choir & Audio Visual

Have a voice or some tech know how? If you can sing or have an affinity for computers we would love for you to join us. 

Children and Youth

Do you have a heart for youth? We desire to help every teen start the journey to discipleship on the right foot. Faith filled adults and teens who are a few steps ahead on the journey are needed to help us fulfill this dream. 

Adult Faith Formation 

Do you like sharing your faith with others? Want to help others grow in their understanding of God and help lead them closer to Christ? Join us as we strive to help others follow in the footsteps of Christ!

Those are brief overviews of the categories, Please take some time to discern where God may be calling you to use your gifts to build up His Kingdom. We ask you to choose a maximum of 4 areas of interest. Someone from the ministry or (ministries) you select will then be in touch with you.

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